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Networking Spec Overview: NEST Engineer - In addition to having skills exceeding that of a Level 1 Network Engineer, will drive the optimization of technology operations though system performance monitoring, data and analytics. Oversee and execute monitoring of normal operation (performance, usage and trends) of assigned environments, technical assets and/or
to meet established service level agreements (SLAs). Recommend and champion monitoring tools/reports to provide thorough monitoring, identify exceptional conditions and recommend opportunities for improvement. Provide technical and procedural direction to more junior members of the team. Participate in on-call rotation.Responsibilities: EVENT:- Champion Process and improvement, - Data collection, tracking and reporting, - Monitor the environment and alert Customer Experience Center and Network peers of anomalies. - Perform proactive monitoring and preventative maintenance, - Resources will reside in the Client's Customer Experience Center located in Minneapolis and India during Client's assigned open dates and times, - Monitor key tools to detect Incidents before they impact the business, - Monitor key activities in the Customer Experience Center and react by validating the health of the network environment in question, - Provide end of day status reports to on-call resources and Network Operation Center, - Review utilization and redundancy capabilities of the network to determine if potential issues could contribute to poor user experience, - Provide glue between potential customer experience and the detection of
which could affect them, - Collect unstructured information in the Customer Experience Center that could lead to the prevention of business impact. INCIDENT:- Provide first-level response to any technical issues raised to Customer Experience Center regardless of source, root cause or location (this includes third party and hosting partner locations). - Technical escalation point for Customer Experience Center, - Perform triage and troubleshooting of events with potential business impact., - Provide analysis as first responders for business impacting Incidents. Perform troubleshooting and analysis specific to network, voice, wireless, and security infrastructures, - Escalations to other teams as appropriate, - Coordination with third Parties and/or manufacturer support. - Advanced level troubleshooting and analysis methods, - Pull and analyze device and server logs in an effort to triage an Incident, - Validate to peers in the Customer Experience Center that potential user experiences are the result of network infrastructure degradation, - Provide ongoing updates to peers in the Customer Experience Center on resolution of user-experiencing impacts, - Network SME to any and all issues, regardless of contractual scope, - Escalate and offload Incidents to L1, L2 and L3 engineers where appropriate, - Identify gaps in Incident Management process and drive closure of those gaps for business critical incidents in an effort to catch and react to issues. PROBLEM:- Communicate any outstanding issues to Network Infrastructure team, - Identify opportunities to in a way that reduces time and cost of supporting the environment, - Verify issues are being worked through the ITSM support processes, - Identify and manage issues that are not being caught through normal Event Management capabilities and update those capabilities to catch it the next time. CHANGE:- Coordinate or execute Changes as needed. CONFIGURATION:- Perform tasks needed for Lifecycle Management. KNOWLEDGE:- Accountable for updating of Knowledge Management based on new learning's. OTHER BEHAVIORS:- Show clear collaboration and team work between core Network Infrastructure support and the Customer Experience Center Engineers. Qualifications: - Degree in
Science, IT, MIS, Math or related field; or equivalent work experience. - 2-4 years of Experience with Skills focused deeply into specific Capabilities - Network or Security Infrastructure with In-Scope Technology. - Well-rounded knowledge of all technologies being supported. - Ability to diagnose and link system events and alerts into potential business impacts. - Strong communication skills to support user and leadership escalation. - Accessing devices in-scope. - CCNA Certification or equivalent experience. - CompTIA Security Certification or equivalent experience. - Technical proficiency for In-Scope Technologies, - Strong communication (written and oral) skills to support documentation development and explaining to non-technical resources, - Capable of understanding businesses being supported. - Strong Operational experience/focus. MYK62683JR

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